Restaurant Menus: What Not To Do!

1. Do not create your menu look as a price list

This sort of menu makes it possible for customers to compare prices on all your menu items, so unintentionally highlighting all of your lower-priced products. Rather, embed the price into the description of your own menu thing. Do not highlight it, or make it another shade. The point is, you do not wish to draw attention to the price.

2. Don’t use a menu that is out of date

Don’t use the same menu that you have had in your restaurant for the past 10 years. Update your menu frequently, preferably to fit the various seasons featuring fresh foods. Keep all your signature dishes and customer favourites, but have the chance to try out new menu items by first offering them as appetizers. If they receive good reviews, then make it an entree on your following menu revision. It is also possible to offer daily specials. Consider adding the specials which received the best feedback onto the menu indefinitely.

3. Don’t put too many items on the menu

Your menu shouldn’t read like a book. One of the biggest mistakes that food and restaurant service operators and owners make is to try and put too many items on the menu to try and please everyone. Too much choice will confuse your clients, and turn their own dining experience into a frustrating one, in addition to drive up your food costs.

4. Do not forget your brand

Ensure that your restaurant’s logo and brand appear frequently in your own menu, and that the menu remains cohesive with the rest of your operation including decoration, uniforms, other promotional materials, etc..

5. Don’t overcharge

Ensure that the prices you charge are aggressive with other restaurants in your area. It is far better to raise your beverage prices and decrease your food prices if you would like to attract more clients, since they’re more likely to scrutinize the cost of the food rather than the beverages. But don’t make your food so cheap that you don’t make a profit on it. Customers are looking for good value as opposed to cheap food.

6. Don’t cram everything onto the menu

Have different menus for your beverages and desserts. These things can get lost in your primary menu, however, will draw more attention in their own — particularly with photographs.

7. Do not do it all yourself

If you believe that your menu could be better, think about hiring a consultant to look it over. From time to time, a few basic changes to a menu could make you thousands of dollars more in earnings.


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